Fatehpur, July 07 (Hindustan Times). Since ancient times Shivrajpur village of the district is known as the city of temples. Being located on the banks of the Ganges, devotees keep coming to bathe in the Ganges and have been worshiping their deities in the temples with the hope of fulfilling their wishes.

Meerabai, who was engrossed in devotion to Lord Krishna in medieval times, came to this holy city on her way to Vrindavan and stayed for a long time seeing and hearing the greatness of the temples here. At the same time, the precious Ashtadhatu idol of Girdhar Gopal, who was always with him, was installed. who are still sitting today. A huge fair is held here every year on Kartik Purnima. Due to the greatness of this city of temples, devotees from nearby districts come to this fair.

It is situated 40 km west of the district headquarter on the north bank of the Ganga at Chaudgara town. Shivrajpur village, famous as Chhoti Kashi of Malwan development block, is found described in Puranas as Adikashi. Meerabai, engrossed in devotion to Krishna, stayed here for a long time and established her idol of Girdhar Gopal here. Where today a huge ancient grand temple has been built.

Mahant Nandgopal Maharaj of the temple told that when Mirabai, a Krishna devotee came here, she had kept the idol of Girdhar Gopal which she had taken with her. When Meera Bai started leaving from here, she tried to take the idol with her but the idol of Girdhar Gopal did not rise from its place, so Meera installed the idol of Girdhar Gopal on the banks of the Ganges and went away singing Krishna songs. A huge temple has been built at this place of Girdhar Gopal. Evidences of the presence of many temples are being found in the village even today. Those who are slowly being erased by brick thieves. The remains of important prehistoric period have been found recently from this place, which are said to be of copper age. There are also many ancient temples here and this place is recognized as a pilgrimage.

Village head Surajpal Yadav told that the fair held here at the time of Kartik Purnima is very ancient. Neighbors come to this historical fair. Also, people come from far and wide. Traders also come from other provinces to buy and sell camels, horses and mules, donkeys. Four-five decades ago, when fairs used to fulfill all the requirements of the life of the common man, then this fair used to last for a month. Where people used to come once a year to buy every household item from the fair.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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