Mirzapur, 08 July (Hindustan Times). Small family is the basis of happiness. A better future can be given to the children and the family by keeping a limited family in the rising inflation. Family planning has an important role in maintaining maternal-child health and reducing maternal-child mortality. This is the reason why people whose family is complete can adopt permanent method of sterilization.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. AL Verma said that such people will get many opportunities from July 11 to 31 as scheduled service days under the service delivery phase of World Population Stabilization Fortnight. The CMO said that under the supervision of ACMO RCH Dr. Mukesh, a team has been formed for the scheduled service day of sterilization. At present, couple contact fortnightly phase is going on in the district, in which Asha, ANM and other health workers are giving information about the basket of choice of family planning to the eligible couple. Basket of Choice has information on all methods of family planning. Out of this, the target couple can choose the desired means. Along with this, a list of beneficiaries willing for permanent means of family planning, sterilization and temporary means of IUCD and quarterly intra-injection is also being prepared. District family planning experts of UPTSU are providing technical support in this work. There is a provision to give Rs.2000 to the beneficiary for female sterilization and Rs.3000 for male sterilization.

Scheduled service day events will be held here

Every day in Gurusandi, 14th and 31st July in Sikhad, every day in Kachwan, 24th July in Patehra, 17th and 24th July in Chilh, 17th and 24th July in Madihan, 18th July in Vijaypur, 18th July in Rajgarh, 11th and 25th July in Lalganj, Services will be provided at Jamalpur on July 13, 20 and 27, Halia on July 14, 21 and 28, Padri on July 28 and Chunar on July 14 and 21.

Daily service availability here

In the District Women’s Hospital, female sterilization facility is available daily and male and female sterilization facility is available on every Wednesday. At the same time, the facility of vasectomy will be available in the district hospital on 21st of the month.

responsibility of every hope

The CMO said that on every Thursday, Interval Day, Pradhan Mantri Safe Motherhood Day campaign celebrated on the 9th of the month and Happy Family Day, celebrated on the 21st, on all the health units of the district, quarterly intra injection to an eligible beneficiary and one beneficiary. It will be mandatory to provide the service of IUCD. Along with this, it has been made mandatory for every health visitor, ANM and ASHA to get a sterilization done every month.

Preparing list

Family Planning Counselor of Rajgarh CHC Rahul said that for the success of the fortnight, a meeting has been held under the leadership of District Program Manager Ajay Singh. ASHA workers are making a list of eligible couples by going door-to-door. All the beneficiaries who come to the counseling room as well as the women who are about to give birth, their families are being informed about all the means of family planning.

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