Amritsar: Recently a video went viral on social media, in which two youths who had gone to Muscat from Amritsar were sentenced in a murder case. The relatives of the youth have once again appealed to the public to save their children.

Family members say that they need a lot of money to fight the children’s case. He has given whatever money he had to agents abroad and now he has nothing to fight the case in Muscat.

The family thanked Amritsar MP Gurjit Singh Aujla and appealed to other political leaders to do everything possible to save the children. It is noteworthy that Gurjit Singh Aujla had gone to Muscat and met the youth.


The relatives say that they do not want their children to be hanged due to lack of money. Apart from this, the family is also going to meet SPS Oberoi, head of Sarbat Da Bhala Trust, so that the situation can be resolved.

It may be mentioned here that a few days back a video of two youths from Ajnala near Amritsar surfaced on social media. In which he was being told to be hanged. After this, many leaders have met their families and MP Gurjit Singh Aujla has gone to Muscat and met the children. At the same time, the family has once again appealed to the NRIs and the people of Punjab to help as much as possible to save their children.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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