West Bengal News: Nobel prize winner Amartya Sen The difficulties seem to be increasing. Visva Bharati University Has given a notice to Amartya Sen to vacate the house. In the notice given by Visva Bharati University, he has been asked to appear with the documents on March 29. by visva bharti notice It has been said that Amartya Sen has occupied 13 decimals of Visva Bharati’s land. Therefore the question has been raised that according to the law he should Earth Why not be evicted from? Controversy has arisen due to Visva Bharati sending notice in this way.

Please tell that the dispute regarding that land is very old. A few days ago, when Amartya Sen was in Santiniketan, the officials of Visva Bharati University sent him a letter.

Vishwabharti Vishwavidyalaya sent notice to eviction from the land

In the letter sent by Amartya Sen, it was said that 13 decimals of land should be returned to the university as soon as possible. A controversy had arisen regarding this notice. Amartya Sen opposed taking a part of the land of that house on lease from Visva Bharati and buying some land and said that the officials are lying. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had met Amartya at Santiniketan. The Chief Minister had handed over the documents related to land valuation to him. Mamta Banerjee herself went to the BLRO office. After this, Mamta Banerjee attacked the Vice-Chancellor of Visva Bharati and said, “People cannot be insulted like this.” He warned of legal action.

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Amartya Sen had accused of harassing politically

Let us tell you that a few days ago Professor Amartya Sen had applied to register his name as the lessee of the land instead of his father Ashutosh Sen. He was heard in the Bolpur Land and Land Reforms Department. Amartya Sen and Vishwa Bharati University’s lawyer were present there, but it was not resolved even after a long question and answer. Now Vishwa Bharati University has given him a notice to vacate the house. Due to this, their difficulties seem to be increasing. Please tell that Amartya Sen has alleged that he is being harassed due to political opposition. Amartya Sen had said that Mamata Banerjee has the potential to become the Prime Minister. Mamta Banerjee had targeted the Center assuring her to stand with Amartya Sen.

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