So far more than 83 people have died due to drinking poisonous liquor in Chhapra, Bihar. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the police seized English and country liquor from the house of a JDU leader in Marhaura. Along with this, a woman has also been detained by the police. Actually JDU leader Kameshwar Singh is a resident of Mashrakh. He also has a house in Station Road of Madhaura Nagar area. Which he has taken on rent. Liquor has been recovered from the tenant of this house. Saroj Mahto and his wife live in this house as tenants.

At the same time, in this whole matter, Police Station Inspector Rakesh Kumar Singh told that a secret information was received. On the basis of that this action has been taken. On the basis of information, when the raid was done, tetra pack and two bottles of English liquor were found in the room. Apart from this, country liquor has also been recovered. Apart from the police, there was also a team of excise department in this raid. Both have jointly raided and recovered liquor from JDU leader Kameshwar Singh’s house in Madhaura.

Liquor sale is banned in Bihar

Please inform that till now more than 83 deaths have taken place due to spurious liquor in Bihar. After these deaths, the police is in action mode. In the last 48 hours, 121 people have been arrested by running a special campaign, in which most of the people were wanted in the case of liquor. Although this is not the first time that people have died due to alcohol, but this process is increasing instead of stopping. Neither the administration is able to reach its root nor the government is able to find a way out. On the other hand, the Chief Minister of the state says that the person who drinks alcohol is destined to die.

Explain that under the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016, there is prohibition in entire Bihar. In Bihar, sale of liquor, production of liquor and consumption of liquor, all three have been kept in the category of crime, but despite prohibition, people are dying due to consumption of raw liquor.

Rahul Dev

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