Company Paid Leave To Employees: A tech company that is giving its employees a full 9-day paid break so that they can recharge and relax themselves. For this neither she is deducting money nor e-mail, she is calling.

Nowadays such a time is going on that many times it is not possible for the employed people to enjoy their weekly holidays to the fullest. Amidst the pressure of increased work pressure, long shifts and low salaries, employees have to put the concern of their comfort on the backseat.

Although many such researches have been published recently, in which it is mentioned that it is necessary for the employee to take a break and this also increases their overall productivity. In such a situation, what would be good if your company gives you the facility of 9 days leave instead of 1-2,3 days. A tech company has done this. This company is giving break to its employees to recharge and in return their salary is not being deducted and they are neither being called nor e-mailed during this 9 day break.

This tech company gave 9 days paid break to its employees

The name of the tech company we are talking about is HackerRank and it is a California-based tech hiring platform. From July 1 to July 9, the company has given such a break to its employees in which they can relax and recharge themselves. Not only this, the company has also warned that the employees will have to respond to any work related e-mail or call only after July 9. A screenshot of the company’s e-mail has been shared by a LinkedIn user and its customers have been informed about this.

Linkedin user gave information

Sharing this e-mail, a LinkedIn user wrote that we all have understood about the hectic work and work-life balance in this present time, in such a situation, employees find reasons to go on holidays. The work that HackerRank has done should be seen as a step taken for the welfare of the employees and the company should be praised for it. The management of the company should be praised for such big decisions.

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