In government offices, it is common for employees to be accused of not working. Where work is done, it is done in a strange way. The latest case is of the Haryana Education Department, where the salary of 31 special teachers of Sonipat district alone was stopped because of this. Because the certificates of 755 disabled children studying in government schools could not be made for the students. The interesting thing is that the certificates have to be made by the health department. But the special thing is that the salary of teachers has been stopped.

According to the teachers, he had completed all his work on time. So the disabled students were examined by installing sewers in the school itself. Now the task of making handicap certificate is with the Health Department. But the health department has not made the certificates yet. Because of which he could not upload the data of disabled children. The departmental officers have stopped salary due to non-uploading of data. The teachers say that withholding their salaries is wrong. Now in this matter the District Project Coordinator has written a letter to the headquarter to release the withheld salary of the special teachers.

What is the special teacher

Special teachers Balram Gohana, Anita, Anil, Rajeev Vinati, Anuradha Meena, Suresh and others say. That according to the schedule given by the Education Department, they organized camps in the schools and completed the process by taking the disabled students, now it is the work of the Health Department to make the certificate of the disabled. Data cannot be uploaded until the disabled certificate is made. Special teachers have demanded release of salary.

How many students with disabilities are there in the block

block student
Sonipat 131
Gohana 164
Gannaur 128
kathura 93
Kharkhoda 91
shave off 74
rye 74
total 755

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