New Delhi: In India, there has been a tradition of sitting on the ground and eating food with hands since the beginning. This tradition is beneficial not only from religious point of view but also from health point of view. Its many benefits have been told in the Vedas. Let us know what our Vedas say about the tradition of eating food with hands.

The fingers represent this element

According to the Vedas, the thumb of our hand represents fire, index finger air, middle finger sky, ring finger earth and little finger water. By eating food with hands, the balance of five elements in the human body remains correct. The combination of five ingredients enhances the taste of food even more.

it’s an advantage

When we keep our fingers and thumb together while eating food, an energy is generated inside us, which helps in keeping the body healthy. Along with this, the food also gets digested quickly. It is believed that the food eaten by hand, Kashti, Jal, Pavak, Gagan, Sameer all the energy flows in the body through the hands. This keeps the health of the person healthy.

benefits from scientific point of view

Eating food with hands has many health benefits. When a person eats with his hands, his fingers are joined together. This increases the blood circulation of the person. Also it activates the nervous system. Eating with hands also gives better exercise to the muscles of the hand.

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