Britain’s low cost airline EasyJet has recently come into the limelight. The airline offloaded 19 passengers from the plane before it took off from Lanzarote in Spain for the UK.

According to the information, the weight of the aircraft had increased considerably. Passengers traveling to the UK from Lanzarote in Spain were offloaded from a plane on Wednesday. The flight was delayed by two hours due to bad weather and overload. The departure time of the flight was 9.45 pm and the passengers had to wait for a long time.

Pilot told the reason


A video of the pilot has surfaced on social media, in which he is explaining the reason for the delay in the flight. Thank you very much for coming today because the number of people has increased and the plane has become very heavy. Due to the heavy aircraft and this short runway of the airport, we are facing difficulty in flying. I sit with my senior officer and believe that we both have experience in dealing with such situation.

security decision

The pilot further said, “Safety is first for us. At present, it is becoming difficult to take this aircraft forward considering the direction of the wind. Several factors are creating difficulty – firstly the weather is hot, the wind is not right and the direction is bad. Now you must be thinking what will happen next. We have found a solution for this. We have discussed with our operations team that the weight of the aircraft has to be reduced.

The pilot said he wanted 20 volunteers who would volunteer to get off the flight to Liverpool and if you did, you would be given up to 500 euros. Many passengers were not happy with the idea of ​​this incentive. It is also heard in the video that people are repeatedly asking to go home. The crew struggled to find 19 passengers who did not want to leave Spain on the flight.

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