The Hague, 08 July (HS). Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his resignation from his post here on Friday. He took this step due to lack of consensus on the migration policy in the coalition government. With this the Dutch government collapsed.

Earlier, four allies took part in the crisis talks chaired by Rutte. No consensus could be reached in this. A coalition government led by Rutte was formed a year and a half ago. For some time, differences had started brewing between the parties involved in the government on the migration policy. Mark Rutte has been in power in the country for a long time.

He said he would submit his resignation to King Willem Alexander on Saturday. Rutte said there would be elections in the autumn. All the ministers will serve as caretaker cabinet till new elections are held. He told reporters- ‘It is no secret that the coalition partners have different views on the migration policy. And today, unfortunately, we have to conclude that those differences are irrelevant.’

This week two parties in the ruling coalition, the Christian Union party and the centrist D66, decided to oppose Rutte’s policies on the issue. The Christian Union party has said on this development that it wants to work with heart and soul for a humane and effective migration policy.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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