Due to gross negligence of the electricity department and discom management of the Gehlot government of Rajasthan, more than two and a half lakh families of the state have received Rs 2.50 crore. 1,022 crore budget lapsed. After the complaint of Biharilal Vishnoi, BJP MLA from Bikaner’s Nokha, this thing has come to the fore in the investigation of the central government.

MLA Vishnoi said, the Rajasthan government has cheated the farmers of village Dhani, while the minister of electricity department says that the central government was requested to extend the grace period of Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana by one more year. But the Center extended the time by about three months, due to which the work could not start and the budget of the scheme lapsed. Even before the election year, politics has heated up on this issue.

The central government had given a budget of 1,022 crores

The Modi government at the Center had given a budget of Rs 1,022 crore on July 26, 2021 under Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana Saubhagya to connect the Gehlot government with the coriander electricity connection of the area. Along with this, the condition of completing the work by December 2021 was also kept. The Electricity Department of Rajasthan could neither make good use of this budget nor could it connect the houses in the villages with electricity within the prescribed period.

On repeated demands from the Rajasthan government, the time was extended twice and last time it was asked to complete the work by March. But the work could not even start. In this scheme, farmers were to be given free electricity connection in every village. 60 percent of the amount was to be spent by the central government and 40 percent by the state government. A farmer has to pay Rs. 70,000 to Rs. One lakh will have to be given.

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