New Delhi: Honda’s Activa is a scooter which is very much liked by people from villages to cities. As soon as Honda’s variants are seen, people get pricked in their mind, everyone is eager to buy it. If you are now thinking of buying Honda’s Activa, then please do not delay at all.

We are going to tell you a method from where you can bring home very cheaply i.e. at the cost of pennies. If you delay in buying Honda Activa scooter then you may have to repent. By the way, if you are thinking of buying its news variant, then you will have to pay the full price, but now you have a good option to buy second hand, which is very important for you to know.

Know the price of Honda Activa

If you are planning to buy Honda’s Activa scooter from the showroom, then you will have to pay the full price. For this, you will have to spend an amount of 73 to 80 thousand rupees, which is a very golden opportunity for you. The mileage of the Activa scooter is also quite cool, which is enough to give sleepless nights to other

If for some reason you cannot make such a budget, then do not delay. We are going to tell you a golden opportunity, from where you can make your dream come true even cheaply. In fact, these days the demand for second-hand variants is increasing, in which many websites are selling at low prices. You can also buy it and bring it home for a total of Rs 18,000, which is a very golden opportunity.

Buy Honda Activa from here

There will be no need to go anywhere to buy a second hand model of Honda Activa. You can buy it by visiting the Quikr site, which is nothing less than a golden opportunity. Here has been listed a 2015 model of Activa with Delhi registration. Its total cost was fixed at Rs 18,000. No finance plan will be available on purchase here.

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