Dress code has been implemented for the devotees coming to Jharkhand Mahadev Temple. The temple administration has asked the devotees not to come wearing night suits, torn jeans etc.

According to the information, a poster has also been put on the gate of the temple, in which it is written that wearing half pants, Bermuda, mini skirt, night suit, torn jeans, frock etc. should be seen from outside.

A poster put up by the temple administration at the gate outside the temple has requested all women and men to come to the temple wearing limited clothes.

The temple administration has expressed hope that the devotees will cooperate with them in assimilating the Indian culture easily.

Regarding the dress code, Jharkhand Mahadev Temple President Jai Prakash Som. said, “The devotees coming here have been requesting us for a long time that those who come to the temple wearing ripped jeans, mini skirts, Bermuda shorts. against Indian culture.

Reacting to the poster, a female devotee said, ‘It is a good decision. This will give a boost to our Sanatan culture. This should be implemented in other temples as well.

At the same time, recently, the ‘Bawe Wali Mata’ temple administration of Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir has also instructed the devotees not to cover their heads and enter the premises wearing shorts or capri pants.

Mahant Bitta said that we are appealing people not to come wearing shorts and we are getting good response. Devotees should come to the temple wearing nice clothes and should cover their head inside the temple.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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