Today is World Chocolate Day and there are few people who do not like chocolate. But we have been brought up since childhood saying that eating chocolate is injurious to dental health.

Eating chocolate has been shown to increase the risk of acne, obesity, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, tooth decay, and diabetes. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree and is one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants.

Studies confirm the many health benefits of cocoa seeds, which contain biologically active phenolic compounds. If the chocolate you eat is dark chocolate without milk added, you may get additional benefits. In this post, we will see what are the benefits of eating chocolate daily or often.

Heart Brains

Studies have shown that dark chocolate may be closely related to heart health. A compilation of several studies published in the journal Heart suggests that people who eat more chocolate per day have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

According to a study published in Clinical Nutrition, people who ate dark chocolate more than five times a week reduced their risk of heart disease by 57%.

brain health

Research shows that chocolate stimulates neural activity in areas of the brain associated with happiness, which helps reduce stress and improve mood.

Studies have found that eating 48 grams of org.c chocolate with 70% cocoa increases neuroplasticity in the brain, which has positive effects on memory, cognition, and mood.

The high levels of flavonoids in dark chocolate are believed to be responsible for improving learning and memory.


Dark chocolate contains many nutrients, one of which is magnesium, which is one of the essential nutrients for our body. Dark chocolate contains about 176 milligrams of magnesium per 100 grams, which is higher than other foods.

Chocolate is associated with the metabolic process that converts food into energy. It’s also needed for muscle and nerve function and helps your immune and bone systems stay strong.

high in antioxidants

Research from the University of Michigan Health Systems recommends that people eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate daily. This is because it contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which are important for heart health.

These antioxidants may help lower your LDL cholesterol, reduce your risk of blood clots, and increase blood flow through the arteries and heart.

World Chocolate Day 2023: Top 7 Benefits of Eating Chocolate Everyday in Tamil

lowers cholesterol levels

A study published in the American Heart Journal in November 2017 found that eating a handful of almonds, dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa significantly reduced ‘bad’ cholesterol, which clogs arteries.

The cocoa butter content is also believed to help raise ‘good’ cholesterol levels. Cocoa butter contains oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

weight loss

Dark chocolate can help you lose weight by reducing calories. Eating a small amount of dark chocolate before or after a meal stimulates hormones that signal to your brain that you are full.

However, it should be consumed in moderation due to its sugar and saturated fat levels.

gut health

During digestion, chocolate acts as a prebiotic, a type of fiber that promotes the growth of good gut bacteria.

The more ‘good’ microbes you have in your gut, the better your body can absorb nutrients and support a healthy metabolism.

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