Health Alert: The heat has now started reaching the seventh sky. The temperature is rising. The use of AC in homes has increased. Many households also have pets. They also sleep in AC room with family members but is it safe to do so. Is keeping pets at home with family members good for their health? let’s find out..

effects of heat on pets

As hard as summer is for humans, it is equally hard for pets. They can also suffer from dehydration, heat stroke or diarrhea in summer just like humans. In such a situation, some people sleep with them in such a room. According to health experts, air conditioning is safe for pets. This can save them from problems like heat stroke (health alert).


AC beneficial or harmful for pets?

According to experts, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of letting pets sleep in AC in summer. Pets get a lot of relief from AC. AC is very beneficial for sensitive pets in summer. Air conditioners are considered suitable for any flat-faced breed such as bulldogs and pugs. Due to this, they do not have the problem of heat stroke. Because the change and increase in temperature is not good for pets.

Is it right or wrong to live with pets in AC room?

If there are children or elderly in a room and AC is running then keeping pets should be avoided. There is no risk of allergy due to this. Keeping pets in AC rooms can lead to infection from pet hair or sneezes.

One study found that it’s okay if you sleep in the same bedroom with your dog, but try not to share a bed together. Because it can disturb your sleep. Researchers believe this may cause health problems.

If you keep children and pets together in an AC room, there is a risk of catch-scratch disease. It is a bacterial infection. Most are from cat scratches. It can also be dangerous for children, pregnant women, elderly or patients. Scratches from a pet cat can lead to infection.

If the dog is prone to zoonotic skin infections, sleeping and sitting with it can result in skin infections. It is a disease spread by a fungus. This can cause skin rashes, pimples and itching.

Tuberculosis can be transmitted from domestic .mals such as sheep and goats. The disease can spread rapidly through .mal sneezes, mucus, or skin-to-skin contact. Symptoms of TB include chest pain, cough, fever, fatigue and rapid weight loss. If you keep a dog or cat in the AC room, make separate arrangements for them. Cover their cage with a net.

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