new Delhi. If you want to stay fit forever by avoiding diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, then you should make some important changes in your lifestyle. By which you can avoid these diseases. Many times it happens that the disease of diabetes and blood pressure is genetic. If parents have diabetes in a family, then the chances of their child getting diabetes increases.

In such a situation, you do not want anyone in your family to have diabetes or the risk of pre-diabetes is high, then you should take special care of these things in your everyday life, as well as getting these tests done, you can get rid of the fear of getting your diabetes. Can Keep weight control If you keep your weight under control then you can avoid the risk of diabetes or blood sugar.

You need an ideal weight. You can lose weight to control blood sugar. If you are more healthy, then sunshine and vitamin D are required. Vitamin D is obtained by sunbathing in cold days. Whose blood sugar remains normal. Many people take vitamin D pills, due to which the pills affect their health. But if you want to be healthy, you sunbathe for vitamin D.

Keep distance from stress and tension, if you want to control blood sugar level, then do not take too much tension, taking too much tension and stress causes sugar craving in the body and increases the chances of increasing blood sugar.

Keep distance from alcohol and smoking if you want to avoid diabetes. So you should stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, by doing this your blood sugar will be normal and low in a normal way.

Drinking more alcohol and cigarettes increases the risk of blood sugar. Get this test done if you do not want that you have blood sugar or diabetes, then you should get thyroid function, test done, apart from this necessary blood test fasting, blood sugar after 2 hours of eating, blood sugar test, urine test, fast checkup routine and lipid You should get the test done, by this you will know what is your health condition.

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