Avoid these things in summer: The summer season has started. If you take special care of your health in this season, then you may have to face many types of physical problems. Everyone should take care of food and drink in this season. If you do not eat food carefully during this season, not only will you end up with digestive problems, but you may also end up with serious problems like food poisoning. Today we are giving you information about some food and drink things to be avoided in this season, which if you follow throughout the summer season, you will definitely be able to save yourself from getting sickā€¦ Yes, let’s know. About that.

stale- In this season, you should avoid eating stale food even by mistake. Since leftover food can react at temperatures above 40 degrees and become poisonous, always eat fresh food.

Non-veg- People who are fond of eating non-veg should reduce their intake in summer or stop it altogether. Avoid excessive consumption of tandoori chicken, fish, sea food as it leads to excessive sweating and may also lead to digestive problems. Along with this, you may also have diarrhea, so avoid eating non-vegetarian food in summer.


Pickle – People like to eat pickle. If a little pickle is added to it, then the taste of the food doubles. But if you consume it in excess then your health may deteriorate. The prepared pickle is fermented with oil and spices. It also contains a lot of sodium, which can cause dehydration, bloating, indigestion, bloating, etc. That’s why eating pickle should be avoided in summer.

fried foods – Foods containing more oil and spices should be avoided in summer. Because consuming it can spoil your metabolism and you can fall ill.

tea and coffee- Tea and coffee should also be avoided in summer. There are many people whose day cannot start without tea and coffee. If you also have this habit, then change it as soon as possible. Coffee and tea increase dehydration in summer. Instead of taking seasonal fruit juice, make a habit of drinking green tea.

Rahul Dev

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