Shiva devotees pray in many ways to please Mahadev, so that Mahadev’s grace is always with them. But knowingly or unknowingly we offer some things to Shivling, due to which even Mahadev can get angry. Some such things have been told in Shivpuran, which should be avoided from offering on Shivling.

In North India, the first Monday of Shravan will be celebrated on 10th July and on this day the pagodas are also crowded. Every devotee prays to please Mahadev in his own way. Lord Shiva is also called Bholenath and the destroyer. As the name suggests, they become very pleased with the devotees very quickly and also take the fierce form of anger. It is said in the Shiv Purana that some things should be kept in mind while worshiping Lord Shiva. Some things happen during Shiva Puja which are considered inauspicious. By doing this Lord Shiva becomes angry and worship does not yield good results. Let’s know about these things…


There are many religious functions, which are not complete without turmeric, but turmeric is not used in the worship of Lord Shiva. Turmeric is used in cosmetics. It is said in the scriptures that turmeric is related to women and Shivling is considered to be a male element. For this reason, turmeric should not be used in the worship of Lord Shiva.

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Tulsi is considered very holy and Tulsi is used for sanctity in all divine works but Tulsi is not used in the worship of Lord Shiva. Actually there is a myth behind it. According to legend, Lord Shiva killed Tulsi’s husband Asura Jalandhar, because of which Tulsi herself refused to worship Lord Shiva.


Conch shell is not used in the worship of Lord Shiva. There is a legend behind this. According to the legend, Shankhchud demon was troubling all the gods and goddesses. Then Lord Shiva killed him with a trishul which burnt his body and from that ashes a conch shell was born. The conch shell is not used in the worship of Lord Shiva because he killed the conch shell demon.


Sugarcane juice, milk, honey, curd etc. are offered in the worship of Lord Shiva but coconut or coconut water is not offered. It is necessary to accept things offered to Gods and Goddesses, but it is forbidden to accept things offered on Shivling, so coconut water is not anointed on Shivling.

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