Mumbai: Two offices in the capital and sub-capital of Maharashtra are currently under discussion. The Sangh office of Nagpur has also come up for discussion in the Shiv Sena office dispute in the municipality in Mumbai. Allegations and counter-allegations have been happening between Thackeray and Shinde faction from these offices. MP Sanjay Raut has directly warned the Shinde group that if they belong to a father, then come to the Shiv Sena building and show them. Prasad Lad teases him that the answer of one father or two fathers or three fathers has been seen in yesterday’s row.

From the capital to the sub-capital, there has been a spark of tension between the Shinde and Thackeray factions. Yesterday and today there was a dispute about who is the owner of Shiv Sena’s office in Mumbai Municipal Corporation. And now the controversy has reached Shiv Sena Bhavan.

BJP’s Nitesh Rane and Shinde faction’s Sanjay Gaikwad say that things which belonged to Balasaheb Thackeray are going to be taken over by the Shinde faction and in response to this the fight has gone so far as to kill each other. The time has come to kill.

Rahul Shewale, Yashwant Jadhav and Sheetal Mhatre of the Shinde group had gone to Mumbai Municipal Corporation for some work. After meeting the commissioner, the three leaders reached the Shiv Sena office located in the Municipal Corporation. At that time the Shinde group noticed that Yashwant Jadhav’s name was covered on the board in the office by the Thackeray group.

The Shinde group lifted the ban on the name. After that, the supporters of the Thackeray faction started gathering in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, after which a debate started on who should handle the party office in the Municipal Corporation.

Yashwant Jadhav of the Shinde faction said that we also have a stake in setting up Shiv Sena’s office in the Municipal Corporation. The police intervened and pulled out both the groups.

Actually, he is an administrator in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. That is, there is no one on the post of councilor at the moment. Therefore, this dispute should not arise again, so the Municipal Corporation has locked the offices of all the parties.

First Shiv Sena office was locked, then BJP, then Congress, NCP and SP offices were also sealed.

While the dispute was going on from the party office in Mumbai, allegations and counter-allegations started pouring in after Shinde went to the Sangh office in Nagpur.

Now this dispute over the party office has reached the Shiv Sena Bhavan, Raut alleged that the Shinde faction also wants the Shiv Sena Bhavan. But the Shinde faction says that they have no claim on the Shiv Sena building.

Shiv Sena has 482 shakhas in Mumbai and all these shakhas have their headquarters at Shiv Sena Bhawan in Dadar. The decision of Shiv Sena and Dhanushyaban is in the court.

Shiv Sena Bhavan and all the branches of Shiv Sena are in the name of Shivai Trust and the trustees of that Shivai include Uddhav Thackeray, Rashmi Thackeray, Subhash Desai, Arvind Sawant, Diwakar Raote and few others.

According to legal experts, since the ownership of the branch and Shiv Sena building is with the trust and not the party, the Shinde faction cannot claim it. But it seems that the dispute about who is the party office is getting hotter now.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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