New Delhi – In Madhya Pradesh, July 4, 2023 is going to embarrass. A video has surfaced in which a man was seen blowing cigarette smoke from his mouth. And after that he is seen urinating on the tribal youth. The said victim is a tribal and the accused is associated with the BJP. Therefore, as soon as the video surfaced, the BJP and the government came under attack from the Congress. Politics heated up from Sidhi to Bhopal and Delhi. Surrounded from all sides, the BJP government immediately swung into action and not only got the accused arrested overnight. Rather, he was imposed on him like this, he got a bulldozer fired at his house.

After 2 days, CM Shivraj Singh tried Happy Adding to the bargain agenda of politics, called the victim to Bhopal, took him to the PM house, washed his feet, performed aarti, called him his friend, fed food sitting with Sudama, but the question is. whether the matter has now been reversed. Or else the Congress should keep it alive till the upcoming elections as the statements of the Congress leaders are showing some of their similar intentions. Means the political battle of insulting tribal honor on the pretext of urine scandal will continue.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the victim of direct urination incident, reached the CM House on Thursday and took her inside by holding her hand. Made him sit on a chair, then gifted Ganesh ji’s statue by blowing a shawl and had food sitting with him. The PM told the victim that he was saddened by the incident. I apologize to you.

On Thursday, Mayawati wrote on her Twitter again after washing the feet of the aggrieved tribal at the CM House in Bhopal and apologizing. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh calling the victim of urination incident of Sidhi district to Bhopal, about 600 km away, and washing his feet in the CM house under cameras is an act of government repentance and its drama seems more like politics of electoral interest.

On this whole matter, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote that in Madhya Pradesh, a close friend of the BJP MLA had done with the tribal. The inhuman and mathematical act is very shameful. During the 18 years of BJP rule in the state, 30, 400 cases of atrocities on tribals have come to the fore. In the BJP rule, there are only empty claims and empty words on tribal interests. Why doesn’t the government take real steps to stop atrocities on tribals.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wrote on this that atrocities on tribal brothers and sisters are increasing in the BJP rule. A BJP leader in Madhya Pradesh has brought shame to the entire hum.ty by his hum.tarian act. Or shows the disgusting face and real character of BJP’s hatred towards tribals and Dalits.

On this, Akhilesh Yadav said that the charitable act done by a BJP worker on a tribal in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. They are being done on the oppressed Dalit society for centuries. Another shameful shameful chapter in the history of oppression. Is this the only achievement of BJP’s 18 year rule in Madhya Pradesh. Arrogance will drown the BJP.

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