Dhamtari, December 20 (HS). On December 20, SP Prashant Thakur took a meeting of the officers and employees including the traffic in-charge and gave instructions to stop the increasing number of accidents in the city and to create a smooth traffic system.

SP Prashant Thakur said in the meeting that in order to prevent vehicle accidents, speed up the investigation of the drivers who drive after drinking alcohol with breath analyzer. New Year is near, so work with promptness. Take strict action against the drivers of heavy vehicles including highways entering the no entry. He warned of strict action against the policemen who were negligent while on traffic duty. The SP directed the traffic in-charge to monitor the highway patrolling and the employees involved in it continuously, with the aim of preventing road accidents happening on national highways and main roads and providing quick help to the persons injured in the accident due to the increasing pressure of traffic. Did it. Instructed all the three highway patrolling vehicles to continue patrolling their designated routes.

The SP reviewed the statistics of road accidents in the past, in which the number of drunken drivers was found to be high. Taking this seriously, strict instructions were given to all police station and outpost in-charge and traffic in-charge to take legal action continuously while checking the drivers who drive after drinking alcohol. Traffic in-charge K Dev Raju, steno Akhilesh Shukla and officers and employees of the traffic police were present in the meeting.

Emphasis on improving black spots

To prevent road accidents, the SP has also directed to hold a joint meeting of PWD, NHRC, Transport Department, Municipal Corporation to identify black spot accident prone areas and improve them. Continuous efforts are being made to prevent accidents. Along with this, awareness campaigns are also being run from time to time.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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