Dengue Alert: Rainy season is here, bringing not only respite from heat but also threat of seasonal diseases. The higher the risk of mosquitoes, naturally the higher the risk of dengue. What precautions should be taken in case of dengue infection, let us know the importance of platelet count.

As soon as the rainy season starts, the fear of diseases like dengue, typhoid and malaria starts haunting. Dengue is especially dangerous. Dengue is a very dangerous condition. Dengue can cause a rapid drop in the number of platelets which can be fatal. Platelet count is very important in dengue. Let us now know what should be the platelet count and how to increase platelet count.

If dengue is infected, the count will go down hour by hour. A sudden drop in platelet count can be life-threatening if platelets are not transfused immediately. Generally, the number of platelets in a healthy person’s body is about 3-4 lakhs. Even if it falls to 60-80 thousand then there is no harm. But if it falls below 20 thousand then it is considered dangerous. There is danger to the life of the patient. In such a situation platelets should be transfused immediately.


Normally, red blood cells, plasma and platelets are separated from the blood given by the donor and the platelets are packed separately and transferred to the needy. This process is done in blood banks. You can give your blood there and collect the platelets you need.

But apart from this there is a practice which has been going on since time immemorial. This is the juice of papaya leaf. For this, the juice of new leaves of papaya should be extracted. If dengue patients If you drink this juice in the morning and at night, then the platelets increase very fast. However, in cases of aplastic anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, dengue and viral infections, the white blood cells as well as the platelet count will decrease.

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