Recently, a video of a couple doing obscene acts in Delhi Metro went viral and created a huge controversy on social media.

However, a similar incident has also happened in China’s metro. The video of a couple doing obscene act has gone viral. It is believed that this video is of Shanghai Metro train.

The couple was standing in the corner of the metro coach and at that time the young man’s head was inside the girl’s skirt. Both their bags fell on the floor. Other passengers took out their phones and recorded their actions on camera.

This type of behavior in the metro was recently seen in Britain as well. A couple were having sex on a train from London to Birmingham and it was ten in the morning and it was very crowded. Although this pair was cool in itself.

Recently, a couple was seen kissing in Delhi Metro and this type of behavior increased so much that 100 policemen had to be deployed in the metro.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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