Indians like to eat both roti and rice. If you ask any person in India do you eat roti at night? So their straight answer would be yes. In such a situation, the question arises whether eating bread at night is beneficial for the body? According to many famous diet experts, bread contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates, due to which if you eat bread at night it becomes very heavy, it can prove to be very dangerous for your body. When bread enters the body, sugar is released from it. After the release of sugar, it mixes in the blood. Due to which your sugar level can also increase. Overall, the point is that eating rotis in late night dinner is not good for health.

How much bread should be eaten at night? so as not to be unhealthy

For your information, let us tell you that a small roti contains 71 calories. If you eat 2 rotis for dinner, it means you have consumed 140 calories. You will eat not only roti but also salad and vegetables. This increases carbohydrate in the body and your weight can increase rapidly. If you do not take a walk after dinner, then your weight can increase rapidly. This can be very harmful for your health.


Bread can increase sugar level

Eating bread at night can increase the sugar level of your body. This can also lead to the problem of diabetes and PCOD. In fact, when bread raises blood sugar, it significantly affects insulin levels, and these sugar levels affect other parts of the body and can cause damage.

poor metabolism

Bread contains simple carbs that can slow down your metabolism. It also affects your bowel movements to a great extent. Eat fiber bread instead of bread at night so that it is good for your health and gets digested quickly.

Do not eat more than 2 times in the night

Do not eat more than 2 rotis at night. Instead you should eat more fruits and vegetables, it will be very beneficial for your health.

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