Famous South actor Prabhas’ blockbuster film ‘Baahubali’ is still on people’s lips. However, Prabhas’s last three films have proved to be flops at the box office. Now Prabhas’ fans have high expectations from his upcoming films. Let us tell you that Prabhas will soon be seen in the films ‘Salaar’ and ‘Kalki 2898 AD’.

Meanwhile, a big news is coming out about Prabhas. A wax statue of him has reportedly been installed in a museum in Mysore, Karnataka, to which the ‘Baahubali’ producer has objected. Also, the fans are elated after seeing the statue.

Shobu Yarlagadda, producer of South’s blockbuster film ‘Bahubali’, has tweeted that the museum did not take permission from Prabhas before installing the statue. Let us tell you that this wax statue of Prabhas shows his ‘Baahubali’ look. The producer of the film ‘Bahubali’ wrote many things on Twitter to criticize the museum team.

Creator Shobu Yarlagadda wrote – This is not an officially licensed work and this wax statue has been made without any permission and knowledge. We will take immediate steps to remove it. Along with this, he has also given his reaction on the photo of the idol shared on the fan page.

People are reacting fiercely on Twitter (x) regarding the wax statue of Prabhas. If people believe, Prabhas’ wax statue can be recognized only because of the ‘Baahubali’ dress, although his face is quite different from the real Prabhas. However, some fans say that even if the idol isn’t perfect, it should still be special.

While commenting, a user wrote – Prabhas’ face looks like actor Ram Charan. One person wrote – ‘Except for the ‘Baahubali’ dress, he doesn’t look like Prabhas at all. One fan wrote- This is Karnataka. People should be happy that they have installed a statue of a Telugu actor in Karnataka. No permission is required for this. You should be happy for your love.


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