New Delhi: Black pepper is one spice that is used in almost every Indian household. If it is included in the recipe then the taste of the food will increase. Some people also use it as an Ayurvedic medicine. Yes, drinking its decoction increases immunity, prevents cold, cough, cold and all kinds of viral diseases. But some people start consuming more black pepper (Black Pepper Side Effects) to increase immunity, which not good for health Is . There may be damage.

Disadvantages of excessive consumption of black pepper
1. Difficulty in breathing

If you consume too much black pepper, then you may have difficulty in breathing because it causes difficulty in breathing (Health News In Hindi). It affects the flow of oxygen in the body, due to which the person cannot breathe easily.

2. Skin diseases
Everyone wants his skin to look beautiful and glowing, for this it is necessary to maintain moisture in the skin. Due to the hot effect of black pepper, such substances steal moisture and this can cause problems like itching, burning and rashes.

Stomach ulcer
People who consume black pepper in excess may have stomach problems. Stomach ulcers are also included in these problems. If you want to eat this spice in limited quantity, then you can take the advice of a nutritionist.

4. Loss during pregnancy
If you are pregnant, then you should not consume such things which have a hot effect. Eating too much black pepper can cause problems with breast-feeding, which can cause problems later in breast-feeding babies.

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