health tips : Shravan month is going to start soon. In India, the month of Shravan is considered very sacred and Shravan Vrat is observed. But during fasting your immunity decreases. So now you should use specially immunity boosting foods to increase immunity and strength..Whenever there is a lack of diet in our body it has a bad effect on our immune system. Due to the rules during fasting, people eat less than normal and in such a situation there is a lack of nutrition in the body. Due to which the body’s ability to fight diseases becomes weak.

Eat these foods to increase immunity:

According to experts, vitamin C is very important for strengthening the immune system. It is believed to help in the production of white blood cells that fight infection. That’s why you should consume lemon. You can also consume orange, grapefruit, tangerine etc. along with lemon.

Broccoli can be consumed after the month of Shravan to increase immunity. Because, it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber, Vitamin E and many antioxidants. You can strengthen the immune system by eating boiled broccoli.

3- Garlic :
Some people do not use garlic in Shravan. But, it is very important to increase your immunity. That’s why after the end of the month of Shravan, do consume garlic. According to experts, its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and compounds like allicin boost immunity.

4- Almonds:
Apart from Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E also boosts immunity. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is used to absorb fat. To boost immunity, you can regularly consume almonds rich in vitamin E.

5- Turmeric:
You can also boost immunity by including turmeric in your diet. Turmeric has anti-viral, anti-bacterial etc. properties. Which is very helpful in strengthening the immune system.

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