Minimum Wage: The central government is making big preparations to eradicate poverty from the country and to bring the living standard of the poor back on track. At present, about 22.89 crore people live below the poverty line in the country.

The government is going to make changes in the allowance given to the poor of the country. Actually, the Ministry of Labor is planning to give living wage instead of minimum wages, so that the standard of living of the poor can be increased, or in other words, poverty can be eradicated from the country. For this the government will make changes keeping in mind the inflation.

What is the plan of the government?

According to the news published in Economic Times, in order to improve the condition of daily wage laborers and to get lakhs of laborers out of extreme poverty by 2030, the Ministry of Labor is planning to give living wage instead of minimum wage. Rapid churning is going on for this scheme in the Ministry of Labour. A senior official associated with the matter has informed that help will also be taken from the International Labor Organization (ILO) for this, so that it will help in getting this scheme off the ground.

This plan will have a political impact

The Ministry of Labor has asked its officials to prepare a report after evaluating the results of this scheme so that its benefits and disadvantages can be known. Not only this, the members of the ILO have also sought help from the United Nations to understand the Living Wage in order to quickly restore this scheme.

There is an election in the year 2024 and the government wants to implement this scheme as soon as possible. Actually, the Ministry of Labor believes that Living Wage can prove to be a game changer for India and it will also have a big political impact.

What is this change?

Significantly, the living wage is given to the laborers to meet their small needs, while the minimum wage is fixed by law, that is, there is a rule of income in exchange for work. Let us tell you that at present the minimum wage in India is Rs.178. Whereas if living wage is given in its place, then this amount can increase by about 25 percent.

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