CBSE Board Exam Result 2023: Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE’s 10th and 12th board examinations are currently going on. CBSE Board has released a report. In this, many information has been given about the students appearing in the board examination. The board has told that it has been learned from the CBSE board examinations that the number of students who are very good in studies has reduced considerably. Earlier the result of 50% students used to be good, but now a lot of decline is being seen in this number. Now it has reduced to 20 to 30%.

Giving board exam for the first time

CBSE Board Exam was canceled in 2021 due to Kovid 19 infection (CBSE Board Exams Cancelled). The students of that batch were promoted on the basis of their old results and on other grounds. That year the 10th batch missed the board exam. Now these students are giving 12th board exam directly (CBSE Board 12th Exam). Issues are being seen especially in their copies.

There is no emphasis on word limit either.

Strange things are coming out in copy checking. Children are writing answers to long answer questions of 100-150 words in just 50-60 words. Some students have not even attempted the subjective questions (Case Study Questions). 60-65% students either did not answer the case study/subjective questions at all or answered them in 50-60 words.

Rural children are ahead

If the teachers of CBSE board are to be believed then students from rural areas are performing better in subjects like Hindi and English. At the same time, students from urban areas are not able to write much in linguistic subjects. The reason for this is probably that children from rural areas are still not using mobile phones as much as urban children do.

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