Maruti Cars Offer: How much the craze for Maruti’s cars is in India can be gauged from the sales report published every month. Of the top 10 cars every month, six to seven cars are from Maruti. In view of this, the company has thought of giving discounts to its customers. Some of their cars are getting good discounts. This includes Maruti’s famous WagonR, SPresso and Celerio.

If you want a good deal then you can also buy Maruti K10. On this you will get a benefit of about ₹ 50 to ₹ 60,000. Good features are available in Maruti Suzuki Alto K10. It gets a 1 liter diesel petrol engine. Apart from this, the option of two gearboxes and CNG is also available in it.

Apart from this, all the variants of Maruti Suzuki Wagoner are getting good discounts. On this you will get a discount of Rs 45 to Rs 60,000. There are two engine options available in Wagner (Maruti WagonR), out of which the first is a liter and the second is a 1.4 liter petrol engine. This tax is also available in CNG. Wagner is a compact car which is considered very good for urban people. Its design and features are quite popular.

Maruti’s SUV called Express (Maruti SPresso) is also included in this list. Even though it is a hatchback. But people call it as micro SUV. Its looks and ground clearance feel like an SUV. Although the space in its cabin is a bit less. Like the K10, it also gets a 1 liter engine and a choice of two gearboxes. Its CNG variant is available in the market. You will get a discount of 55 to 65000 on this.

After this, a discount of about 65000 is being given on the second generation Celerio (Maruti Celerio) automatic variant. At the same time, you will get a discount of 35000 to 65000 on its CNG variant. In today’s time, Celerio is becoming a better option than Wagner. It gets a 1.2-litre petrol engine which comes mated to a manual as well as an automatic gearbox.

Apart from this, you will get a discount of ₹ 45000 on the manual variant of Swift (Maruti Swift) petrol while a discount of ₹ 50000 is being given on the automatic variant. Very good offers are also available on its CNG model. You can get up to Rs 25,000 off on buying its CNG model.

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