Banda, 07 July (Hindustan Times). After the beautification of Maharana Pratap Chauraha in the city, Babulal Chauraha and Kalu Kuan Chauraha are being beautified. In this direction, the work of removing encroachment is going on at Kalu Kuan intersection. But all the people of the locality accused the administration of favoritism in this campaign. He says that the intersection should be beautified considering the old intersection as a standard, whereas the administration is carrying out this work arbitrarily.

Dilip Gupta, Patrakhan Singh Singh, Mohan Rajput, Vinod Shivkumar and many other residents of the locality told that there is no fairness in the encroachment campaign being run by the administration. For this reason, the residents of the locality met the City Magistrate in person on June 23 and lodged their complaint and thereafter on June 27, the District Magistrate was also informed about it. Even after this, the encroachments are being removed arbitrarily by the administration.

The residents of this locality have to say that the old intersection should be considered as the standard and development should take place at the intersection. While removing the encroachment of this intersection, the administration has left the area of ​​Baberu Road while the intersection is being widened towards Tindwari Road and JN College. According to the standard, there should be beautification of the intersection near Baberu Road.

In this regard, the people of the locality have registered their complaint by giving a memorandum to the District Magistrate on Friday also. On the other hand, the drive to remove encroachments continued by the administration. Encroachment of 50 meters each on Tindwari Road and Degree College Road was removed. During this action, bulldozers were also fired on the illegal construction of some people. City Magistrate and heavy police force were present during the action.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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