Kangana Ranaut Tejas Movie: Kangana Ranaut’s film Tejas is currently in discussion. The film will soon hit the screens. Currently, Kangana has announced her film through her Instagram handle. That’s why at the moment his film is in great discussion. She is currently seen playing the role of a pilot who risks his life for the country. Kangana has announced her film through her social media account. The release date of this film has been announced. A few days ago the date of his film ‘Chandramukhi’ was also released. In such a situation, many films of Kangana are ready to entertain the audience in the coming times.

Salute to the bravery of our air force pilots. He has written this in the poster shared on his Instagram. The film will finally release in theaters on October 20. This time everyone is eager to see his action film. Many people have also commented on this post. Wearing Air Force uniform, Kangana is seen coming from the Air Force plane. In this film, she will be seen in the role of Air Force Officer Tejas Gill. Seeing her hot avatar, everyone has gone crazy about her. Different types of comments are also coming under this post of his. So now this post of his has gone viral.

So now only Kangana is being discussed everywhere. Last year, she brought the first glimpse of her film ‘Emergency’ in front of the audience. The audience has appreciated him a lot for looking like the former Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi. Now this film is also going to release this year. Along with this, his film ‘Chandramukhi’ is also releasing in August.


Kangana is known for her outspoken and fearless nature. There is nepotism in Bollywood and Kangana has often given her statement on this. Currently, she is often seen criticizing Bollywood. He also criticized the film ‘Adipurush’ released a few days back. That’s why his post also remained in discussion. On this occasion, he shared pictures of Lord Shri Ram, Sita, Hanuman on Instagram.

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