The first morning of the new year began with a bang in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. Here two cylinders burst together in the middle of the market. The blast in the densely populated area spread panic among the people. Flames were visible from a distance after the blast. The video of the incident has also surfaced. The good thing is that there was no loss of life in this incident.

According to the information, the incident took place in a hotel located near Chandni Talkies in City Kotwali police station area of ​​Satna city. It is being told that Durga and Sunil Kesarwani operate a hotel near the gate of Chandni Talkies. At around 11 in the morning both the brothers were in the shop doing their work. Then a fire broke out near the LPG cylinder. On seeing the fire, other people present there including both the brothers ran outside. After a few seconds, there were two explosions one after the other and flames started rising from the shop. It is being told that three cylinders were kept in the shop, out of which two exploded. After the accident, cracks have appeared in the building, while all the hotel stuff was burnt. Due to Sunday, most of the shops in the market were also closed, otherwise a big accident could have happened.

Information about the cylinder blast was given to the police, fire brigade and the municipal corporation. No one dared to go near the hotel until the fire brigade arrived. The hotel owner also stood watching the hotel burn. It took three fire brigade vehicles to control the fire. Firefighter personnel only took out the burnt goods from the shop. Municipal corporation’s assistant fire safety officer also reached the spot. Now the matter is being investigated. There is no clear information about how the fire started.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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