Princess of Jaipur royal family and MP from Rajsamand, Diya Kumari has entered the election battle of Rajasthan. BJP has made him its candidate from Vidyadhar Nagar of Jaipur. Diya Kumari claimed a big and historic victory in an exclusive interview with TV 9 Bharatvarsha. He said that BJP will form the government in Rajasthan with an overwhelming majority. Diya Kumari is continuously campaigning in her area and maintaining public relations with the public.

During public relations, Diya Kumari is seen asking about the well-being of people and while putting the work of Modi government in front of the public, she is fiercely attacking Congress. He said that he is getting full support from the public and he is confident that he will get victory and the government will be formed with the overwhelming majority of BJP.

He said that there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people. There is a lot of enthusiasm towards Modi ji. She is working as per the instructions of the party. The party workers are very strong. The workers are ready. The party keeps working all the time. For this reason, if anyone comes as a candidate, he easily wins the election.

Congress targeted over deteriorating law and order

A few days ago, an incident of gang rape of a woman took place in Harmada of Vidyadhar Nagar assembly constituency. On receiving information about this, she reached the spot of the incident. He blamed the lax administration of the Congress government for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

He spoke to the Police Commissioner and other senior officials and demanded action against the culprits. He said that immediate action should be taken against those policemen who negligently did not report the victim and the victim should be compensated.

Before the assembly elections to be held in Rajasthan, Diya Kumari targeted Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi and raised questions on the road show being conducted by the Congress leader. He said that at least 20-30 incidents of atrocities against women take place every day in Rajasthan. Priyanka Gandhi goes to meetings but has she gone to any victim’s house?

Vidyadhar is not new to me, I am the daughter of Jaipur.

He said that instead of doing a road show, was it not his duty to go to the woman? It is not publicity for me, but it is necessary. BJP Janata Party does not do drama before the elections and she herself has gone to many cities and met the victims and victims of atrocities. Bharatiya Janata Mahila Morcha has always been fighting for women’s rights.

Regarding contesting elections from Vidyadhar Nagar constituency of Rajsamand, Diya Kumari said, “Vidyadhar Nagar assembly constituency is not new to me, I am the daughter of Jaipur.” After winning the elections, she will give priority to women’s rights and work. At the same time, Diya Kumari avoided the question of being made the Chief Minister. He said that these are all rumours. There has been no such discussion anywhere, whatever will happen. The party will decide and the parliamentary board will decide.

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