Akola (Ramesh Chandra Dad) Bigod In the cricket competition held at Jat (Yashnagar) of Madhya Pradesh, the team of cricket players of Bigod of Bhilwara district won the final match with best performance and received a cash prize of Rs 21000 along with the shield.Bigod The team’s Aamir Sohail Mene was declared as the man of the series. It is known that the final match of the cricket competition held at Jat (Yash Nagar) in Madhya Pradesh was played between Bigod and Alori Shyam of Madhya Pradesh. Bigod team won by 94 runs. The winning team was given 21000 twenty one thousand rupees and trophy. The runner-up team was given Rs 11,000 and a trophy. Amir Sohail, the player of the winning team, was declared man of the match and man of the series. Sports fans congratulated the winning team on reaching Begod.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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