Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): A man has accused the doctors of negligence, after his sister died during medical treatment at a private hospital in Bhopal. He claimed that his sister was absolutely normal before the blood transfusion. And within minutes of the drip, she felt chills and died.

Following the incident, the family staged a protest outside the hospital on Thursday, expressing their anger and distress over the alleged mishandling of doctor.

This tragic incident was reported by Bhopal Highlights on Instagram.

According to information, a woman gave birth to her second child on June 18, suffered from severe blood loss. Her brother stated in a video, “My sister was perfectly fine, but due to the doctor’s negligence, she didn’t get blood on time. And when a female staff administered blood, she experienced chills and within minutes she passed away.”

Refuting the man’s claims that his sister’s health was normal, the doctors mentioned complications from her first pregnancy and low haemoglobin levels, which led to a second operation. Blood was finally administered on the evening of June 20, but it was too late. Just half an hour after receiving the transfusion, the woman passed away.

The doctor, in his defence, said that they could only provide treatment but couldn’t guarantee saving life.

Adding to the family’s distress, the newborn baby, only two days old, was diagnosed with jaundice and had to be urgently shifted to a private children’s hospital.

The family staged a protest outside the hospital, accusing the management of negligence and mishandling the treatment. The incident has raised serious concerns about the quality of care at the hospital, prompting a call for a thorough investigation into the matter.

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