Bhavnagar News: It is raining heavily in the state at this time. Meghraj is shaking many cities of Saurashtra. Meanwhile, a portion of the 156-year-old Jashonath Mahadev temple in Bhavnagar city has collapsed due to rain. The ancient Jashonath Mahadev temple was built by Maharaja Jaswant Singh Gohil of Bhavnagar state. Part of the temple has collapsed like this for the second time.

Repair not done despite application

For the repair of Jashonath Mahadev’s temple, a memorandum is being given to the city Mamlatdar for 10 years, but till date the temple has not been repaired. If no decision is taken within 48 hours, the devotees of the temple will proceed on Gandhi Chidiya Marg.


A pillar fell on the road due to the collapse of the temple wall in Jamnagar.

In Jamnagar, a pillar fell on the road due to the collapse of the wall of the Satyanarayan temple. Due to which the road has been closed. Due to the fall of the pole, the power company has also stopped the power supply. There is no news of any casualty due to wall collapse. It is raining heavily in Jamnagar city for the second consecutive day. Due to torrential rains, water has filled near the old Jayshree cinema. Many areas of the city including Bedi Gate, Pancheshwar Tower have been waterlogged. People are facing trouble due to flood.

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