Health Tips: Carrot is a vegetable available in abundance in the market. Anyone can eat carrots. It contains plenty of proteins and vitamins.

most people carrots Likes to eat like that. Sambar or Palau can also be eaten with it. If you do not like to eat it like this, then eating it by making pudding is very beneficial.

carrots vitamin K, calcium, vitamins A, A, D, E, K, PP, ascorbic Rich in acids and sterols. Looking at its use, it has the ability to cure many diseases.


improve eye health : Since Vitamin A is abundant in carrots, its regular consumption cataracts helps to get rid of.

Aids in weight loss: The fiber present in carrots aids in weight loss with better digestion.

Cough relief: If you are suffering from severe cough then carrot juice black pepper By mixing the powder and drinking it, you will get relief from cold in no time. Also, the vitamins present in it help maintain brain health.

Rahul Dev

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