Disadvantages of cold water: In the summer season, due to strong sunlight and high heat, the body sweats profusely and the throat becomes dry. Sunlight starts squeezing water from our body, due to which we feel thirsty again and again. In summer, most people drink cold water or cold drinks to quench their thirst. Because it not only quenches thirst but also gives relief from heat.

When it is hot, sometimes even those people who avoid drinking cold water drink cold water. But do you know how much cold water can harm your health? Drinking cold water may give you relief, but it is harmful to your health. Let’s know what kind of problems you can face by drinking cold water.

These diseases can be caused by drinking cold water

Drinking cold water affects the heart rate. This water can work to disturb the balance of the nervous system of the body.

Bad lifestyle and eating habits are already working to increase the problem of obesity among people. In such a situation, if you drink cold water immediately after eating, then obesity can increase more rapidly. This is the reason why many dietitians recommend avoiding drinking cold water immediately after eating.


If you drink cold water as soon as you come out in the sun, then you may have the problem of cold, cough and cold. To avoid these diseases, never drink cold water immediately after coming from the sun. If you want to drink water then drink normal water. Actually, due to cold water, more mucus starts forming in the body, due to which the risk of viral infection increases.

Drinking cold water can cause the large intestine to shrink. Due to which the stomach is not cleaned properly in the morning and there is a problem of constipation. Constipation has been linked to many diseases in Ayurveda.

Drinking too much cold water also shrinks the cells of the body and does not work properly. This has adverse effects on metabolism and health.

Drinking cold water can also cause irritation in your throat and digestive problems.

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