New Delhi: When you are planning to buy a bike, then first of all many things have to be taken care of. If you are planning to buy a bike, then everyone’s attention goes first on the mileage. Now there are many such bikes in the market, which are making waves, knowing which your heart will be very happy.

Bajaj Auto’s Platina, which is counted among the country’s biggest auto, is creating a buzz among the people, which you can buy and enjoy. Platina’s mileage and all such features are there which have become the heartbeat of everyone. If you delay even a little bit in buying it, then you will have to regret it. For this, you have to read our complete article carefully.

Know the price of Bajaj Platine in the showroom

If you are thinking of buying Bajaj Platina from the showroom, then some important things have to be kept in mind. The price of Platina bike has been fixed from 75 thousand to around 80,000 rupees, buying which your heart will be happy. If for some reason you cannot make this much budget to buy the bike, then do not worry, because apart from this there are many great offers, which are working to win the hearts of the people.

You can save money by buying second hand variants very cheaply, so don’t worry if you missed the opportunity. In this you will need to keep many things in mind. Read the news below to know from where you have to buy second hand variants.

buy cheap bike from here

You can also buy Bajaj Platina very cheaply, for which all things have to be taken care of. The 2021 model of the AAP Platina has been listed for sale on the OLX website. This bike has run for 13,000 kms so far. You can buy it from here for a total of Rs 65,000 and bring it home.

Apart from this, another bike is also listed for sale here, which has a 2020 model. It is also being sold on the OLX website. Here the price of the bike has been fixed at Rs 48,000, knowing which your heart will be happy.

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