New Delhi: Pakist. team captain Babar Azam always remains in the headlines, due to which his game and calm nature is considered on the field. Now Babar Azam’s eyes are set on the upcoming ICC ODI World Cup, for which everyone has started preparations. This time the World Cup is to be held on the Indian soil, where the match between Pakistan and India is going to be played on October 15, which everyone is excited about.

Meanwhile, Babar Azam has said such a big thing regarding the match with India, knowing which everyone’s senses are bound to fly. When Babar Azam has given this statement, then he is going to enter the World Cup with his brigade. You must be wondering what has been said like this, then to know this, our article will need to be read carefully.

Babar Azam gave a big statement on playing match with India

The first match of the ICC ODI World Cup is believed to be played on October 5, due to which there is a lot of excitement on everyone’s face. There is a lot of brightness on the faces of the fans regarding the World Cup. The match between India and Pakistan is scheduled to be played on October 15, which is already being discussed.

Before the match, Pakistan captain Babar Azam has given a big. Babpar Azam said in a reply that it does not matter to me which team we will play on which ground. He said that I think we are going to play the World Cup. Not only against India. Our focus is not only on the Indian team.

There will be nine more teams, only by defeating which we can reach the finals. Babar Azam reacts to ICC’s refusal to change venue. As a professional player, wherever cricket is played, wherever there are matches. The Pakist. team will play fiercely there. We want to perform in every country in every situation.

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