The condition of poor Pakistan has deteriorated due to repeated threats of war and has reached the brink of ruin. Not only the people of Pakistan are dependent on every grain, but the condition of the Pakist. army, which has fought many wars with India, has also deteriorated. His weapons and tanks are now rusting because he has no oil left for war drills. According to a report, the Pakistan Army has canceled all military exercises till December this year due to fuel shortage.

War exercises canceled till December

A report said the director general of military training of the army has written to all field formations and headquarters. In this letter, it has been asked to cancel the maneuvers till December as well. The first reason given in the letter regarding this decision is that there is a shortage of fuel and necessary equipment. Military reserve fuel warfare is different. The war is for the necessary weapons and fuel during a given period of time. While reserve fuel is usually for military exercises.

A T-80 tank consumes two liters of oil for every kilometer

Experts say that Pakist. T-80 tanks consume two liters of oil per kilometer. Due to this, Pakistan has canceled all armed and mech.zed war exercises. Please tell that Pakistan has also come out of the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force and has also got a loan from the International Monetary Fund. But still the economic challenges of Pakistan are not diminishing. There are 560,000 active soldiers in the Pakistan Army. It has a total of eight corps (comprising about 20-30 thousand soldiers), as well as other auxiliary units such as the SSG (Special Service Group), which includes special forces commandos. The Pakistan Army has a number of military trucks, small vehicles, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, which require a large amount of fuel and lubricants annually.

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