Mars-Venus conjunction in Leo: Some important planets will change their zodiac sign in the month of July. Mars entered Leo on 1st July and Venus entered Leo on 7th July. The combination of these two planets is formed in the same zodiac sign. Let us know which zodiac signs are going to be benefited by the conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo.

The conjunction of Mars and Venus is also favorable for Aries. This alliance is going to be formed in the fifth house of this zodiac. There is a possibility of fertility for you. There will be a sudden increase in your income. You will benefit from investing in the stock market, betting and lotteries. Employees get promoted. You will get family support.

Cancer The people of Cancer zodiac are going to get good benefits from the entry of Mars and Venus in Leo zodiac sign. Along with this, they will also get sudden monetary gains. You will be financially strong. The money lent will be returned. Your dominance in the office will increase. All the stalled works will be completed. You will get the fruits of your hard work.

Mars-Venus conjunction in Aquarius-Leo sign comes together for Aquarius people. This conjunction is going to be formed in the seventh house of this sign. This will create new sources of income for you. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Marriage of unmarried people is likely to be fixed. Your married life will be good. There will be success in partnership work. Your career will be better than before. You will get the fruits of your hard work.

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