New Delhi- The troubles of Irfan Solanki, MLA from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, are not taking the name of stopping. Now he is lodged in Maharajganj Jail. During this his arms license has been suspended. Now a notice has been sent to cancel the license. The MLA has to reply in 1 week. After that further process will be done.

The SP MLA is in jail in other cases including arson. On the basis of their criminal cases, the police had recommended the cancellation of gun licenses in the District Magistrate Court. On this, the District Magistrate Court has issued a notice to suspend the license.

Notice has been issued from the District Magistrate Court for cancellation. And that notice has been pasted in the jail and at home. The MLA has been given 1 week to reply. Now further action will be taken after their reply. District Officer Visakha Arya said that action will be taken on the recommendation of the police.

SP MLA Irfan Solanki was to be produced in the court on Thursday but due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Gorakhpur, the force could not be available, meanwhile, Maharaj Superintendent of Police pleaded not to present the application in the MP MLA court.

Now the thing to be seen is what statement finally comes from Irfan Solanki. And in what way the police take further action. And is there anything to be seen in this whole matter and when action will be taken in this case of Irfan Solanki. And in what way Irfan Solanki is presented in the court. Everyone’s eyes were on the party, after all, when does the answer come, how things happen.

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