It is necessary to keep the kitchen clean, but it is also very important to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen during the rainy season. The moisture generated from the weather has a direct effect on the cleanliness of the kitchen. This not only makes the kitchen dirty but also proves to be unhealthy. During the rainy season, the food items kept in the kitchen also get spoiled, which ultimately affects our health.

Due to the moisture in the monsoon, flies, cockroaches and other insects also start coming in the kitchen. Meanwhile, some easy tips can prove to be very effective to keep it clean and hygienic. If you also want to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen, then these tips are useful for you.

1. Use Wipes

Cloth is used in all homes to keep things clean in the kitchen. This makes things easy to clean. However, the situation changes a bit during the rainy season. The kitchen floor takes a long time to dry after getting wet and hygiene is also affected if the clothes are not dried properly. Meanwhile, it may be better to use wipes instead of cloth alone on rainy days.

2. Change dish soap

Soap is used throughout the year to clean utensils in almost all households. Due to the moisture, the soap dissolves very quickly in rain as compared to other days. Not only this, the price of soap also increases in this season, whereas liquid dish wash can be used instead of soap.

3. Use of wipers

The sink is used for washing dishes. Meanwhile the water also spreads around the sink. Due to the moisture in the rain, the water does not dry quickly. This can also increase the risk of spreading dirt and germs. So instead of wiping the water around the sink with a cloth, you can use a small wiper.

4. Place a Dish Cage Around the Sink

It is recommended to keep his cage near the sink after washing the dishes during rainy days. After washing the dishes, some water remains in them, so the dishes are placed upside down in the cage, which gradually drains the water from the dishes. Keeping dishes away from the sink can cause water to spill into the kitchen. Being near the sink, the water from the utensils will drain easily without wetting the kitchen and the utensils will also dry quickly.

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