Ever since the case of UP’s SDM Sahiba Jyoti Maurya became hot, since then such cases have started coming up from other places including the state. In the latest case, a man is crying like Alok Maurya, saying that he taught his wife and she left him.

Hardly anyone knows about the case of Jyoti and her husband Alok Maurya. Every day new revelations are happening related to this case. The allegations and counter-allegations continue. Meanwhile, a similar case has come to the fore from Jharkhand as well.

Like Jyoti Maurya’s husband Alok Maurya, a man from Jharkhand is upset with his wife. The husband alleges that he trained his wife to become a nurse. Lakhs of rupees were spent on its study. After this he got buried in debt. To repay this loan, he has started working hard day and night.

After this the wife refused to live with him. The husband has now told the whole matter to the police and has pleaded for justice. People are linking this matter with SDM Jyoti Maurya. People say that this is exactly like the story of Alok Maurya.

Like Jyoti Maurya, people are also giving their opinion on this story. A user said that after getting the eyes, the blind person first leaves the stick which has supported him in every difficult time. Another said that only a less educated woman can make a home a heaven, a more educated woman makes her go around the courts.

One user said that a problem has been solved, if you give a leg to someone who cannot walk, he goes away. One said that our Indian women cannot perform the rites performed by this Moriya. A user also linked this incident to Rajkumar Rao’s film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and said that thukra ke mera pyar mera intakam dekhiye.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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