Continuous firing incidents are being seen in America. Even after lakhs of efforts, such incidents have not been controlled till date. However, the government is taking strict action against the perpetrators of such incidents. The latest case is from Texas where the man who killed 23 people in Walmart has been sentenced to 90 years.

According to a report, the accused had carried out the mass shooting in El Paso in 2019. He then opened fire indiscriminately inside the Walmart, targeting 23 people. The accused youth, identified as Patrick Crusius, was convicted earlier this year. Now this person has been sentenced to 90 years. However, Patrick could face the death penalty as the next sentence.

The accused’s lawyer called him mentally ill

During the hearing, Patrick Crusius did not say anything in the court. However, his lawyer definitely kept his side. His lawyer said that the assailant was suffering from mental illness which led him to fire. However, prosecutors denied this and stated that Crusius knew what he was doing when he committed the crime. Still he showed no mercy to the people.

warned before firing

Then before carrying out the incident, the accused posted a racist comment online and warned to shoot. Which he himself accepted in February. And accepted his crime.

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