Taliban Leaving no chance to crush the rights of women of Afghanistan. now for women university education A restraining order has been issued. When he captured power last year, he had promised to take a softer approach towards women, but despite this he is taking away their right to education and freedom. Ignoring the international outcry, the Taliban has imposed many restrictions on women.

Higher Education Minister Neda Mohammad Nadeem has signed the order. All government and private universities have been told in the letter that all of you are informed to immediately implement the mentioned order to suspend the education of women till further notice. Ministry spokesman Ziaullah Hashimi also tweeted the letter.

The ban on higher education comes as thousands of girls and women across the country appeared for university entrance exams in less than 3 months. Many were aspiring to make a career in the field of teaching and medicine. After the Taliban took over, universities were asked to implement new rules, including separate classes and admissions for girls. It was also said that women would be taught only by female professors or older men.

Women were thrown out of many government jobs in Afghanistan. They were also barred from traveling without a male relative and the burqa was made mandatory outside the home. In November last month, he was also banned from visiting parks, fairs and gyms. Since the ban, many minor girls have been married early. In such cases, girls were often married to men much older in age.

Many families facing financial pressure have said that it is better to secure the future of their daughters through marriage. It is better for them than sitting idle at home.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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