This year, the Agneepath scheme was announced for recruitment in the army. The first batch of Agniveer is ready. The dream of the sons of laborers and farmers of Khandwa has finally come true. One son’s wish was to fly in the sky and the other’s to wear army uniform. Their courage is so much that they go to the border today and get rid of the sixes of the enemies of the country. However, before they army training I have to make myself strong by throwing myself. They have reached the Training Center. For the first time four youths of Khandwa district have become Agniveer.

Sachin Bare of Sulyakhedi village of Khandwa district, Priyanshu Solanki of Ganesh Talai of Khandwa town and Suresh Chauhan have been selected as Agniveer. Apart from these, Burhanpur resident Devraj Verma has also joined the army. Sachin has been selected for Para Commando, whose training will be done in the Cantt area of ​​Bengaluru. While Priyanshu will be trained at Arms Center in Ahmedabad, Suresh Chauhan at Ahmednagar and Devraj Verma at Sagar Artillery Center Nashik.

Off to Agniveer Training

Military trend officers will train them. For this from all the four soldier houses. have passed out. They first registered their presence at the Army Headquarters in Mhow and then left for their respective training centers. Some of these Agniveers’ father is a farmer and some’s is a laborer. For the first time after the Corona period, Agniveer’s examination was held, then the hard work of the youth who worked hard on the field for four years paid off and they got selected.

Burhanpur resident Devraj’s father also works as a laborer. While Suresh Chauhan’s father is a farmer. Suresh has studied BA. The financial condition of the family is not good. Devraj, Suresh and Priyanshu used to get on the ground from five in the morning. By working hard for three hours, he prepared himself for Agniveer. He told that we had only one dream to be posted on the border wearing uniform.

Parents’ eyes became moist at the time of farewell

Sachin Bare of Sulyakhedi village of Khandwa district has done polytechnic. The family consists of parents and a brother. There is little land at home. But its yield falls short. That’s why father also works as a laborer. When Sachin left the house, tears of happiness came out of the eyes of the parents. The father told that I was a laborer and the son’s desire was to touch the sky. Used to think how it would be completed, but the son completed it today. He is going to take para commando training..

Trainer Anil Patil, director of Jai Hind Defense Training, said that for the last four years, physical preparation for the recruitment of Army and Police Department is being done free of cost by the group. Patil has also given training to all the four youths. A farewell ceremony was held for these youths at the ground of Police Line located in Khandwa. Police Line Reserve Inspector Purushottam Vishnoi Indian Army Giving best wishes to the selected soldiers, gave guidance to the soldiers who are preparing.

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