Discussions about the beauty of actress Pooja Banerjee, who left her mark from TV to Bollywood, have always been in the headlines. Pooja Banerjee, who has played the magic of her performance in many serials, shares such killer photos on social media that seeing her, the hearts of the fans go awry. The actress has always got the love of people by working in serials and films. But along with this, he has also got a lot of love from people through social media.

Actress Pooja Banerjee is very active on social media, and always uploads her photos there and drives people crazy. In this episode, the actress has once again raised the bar of social media with her bold acts. In the latest photoshoot, she can be seen in a red deep neck dress. In these pictures, Pooja is wearing red color velvet high thigh slit dress.


This dress of the actress is so tight that one can see how the actress is breathing. Pooja has worn this outfit braless. During this, the actress left her hair curly with make-up, while the actress wore heels on her feet, and standing on the stairs, the actress complemented her look with a lovely smile. Wearing this tight and fitting dress, Pooja Banerjee is causing such havoc that the onlookers are finding it difficult to control their hearts. Please tell that Pooja Banerjee has million followers on Instagram.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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